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If you’ve been tuning in to Wheel at any time during our 31-plus years, you know that we’re big on “better.” So in an effort to give you a more rewarding Wheel Watchers Club experience, we’re switching things up. To start, as of August 5, 2014 you can no longer earn Sony Rewards Points in the Wheel Watchers Club. We need to make room for more spin-errific perks.

This small change won’t affect your personal SPIN ID in any way. As always, you have the chance to win $5,000 cash every weeknight … even through the summer months with $5K Every Day! Just tune in.

You can continue earning Sony Rewards Points with Wheel until August 5, 2014. After that, you can still play the Bonus Round Puzzle, but until we announce the new rewards you’ll be playing for bragging rights only. You can also continue to redeem your Sony Rewards Points through March 31, 2015. However, if you have a valid Sony Card or PlayStation Credit Card linked to your Sony Rewards account, then your Sony Rewards Points, including those earned in the Wheel Watchers Club, will expire five years from the end of the calendar month in which you earned them. If you have any additional questions, please visit our FAQs.

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